5 Essential Tips for Watermarking Photos that Protect your Photography Socially

Are you worried that your online social photos being misused by others? The only solution is to watermark your images a best way to protect from online theft. Along with protecting, it helps to build your brand also.

By watermarking images a clear cut message gone to others that let them know who took this beautiful shot.

Below are Some Essential Tips while Watermarking your Photos:-

Watermarking Position:-

Choose it wisely because sometimes it can be tricky because by placing watermark to a position covers whole image detracts the user. According to my point of view place it on the centre, if you choose other location, then it will be easy for anybody who are expert in graphics to remove that watermark.

Colours also represent where to watermark or not ! Green colour area is the best to place a watermark while red areas need to avoid. Now a days , centred watermark also “too much” for most images as they covers whole of image by oversizing. According to subject you can blend your watermark with a definite size.

Size also matters while watermarking. Make sure it should be large enough not that large covers whole image which enough to protect image content/graphics so that it would not be removed by degrading the image quality.

Globally Trend Transparent Watermark

Transparent watermark is in trend now a days. It’s advantageous because it protects the shininess of an image. It protects your photos but it looks less obtrusive. Always choose good software so that it’s easy to watermark your photos.

High Resolution Images

Generally what photographer does they watermarking high resolution images and leave low resolution images without watermark. A point from this, if you want to place a watermark on your photos use a batch photo watermark specially designed for such images.As many softwares doesn’t allow the resizing of watermark , fixing horizontal or vertical aspects like photoshop. So for that you go for batch watermark software.

Watermark Symbols or Rights!

It is recommended that place watermark on each of your images so that it protects your rights on image. Various symbols or right can be used to watermark such as Copyright symbol which consist of

  1. © which is Copyright and abbreviated as Copr.
  2. Second is Date
  3. Name of Owner
  4. Example “ © 2017 Diigispot “
Brand Awareness

For increasing your brand online reputation its good to provide information like your Company’s name , address and other contact information as watermark. When users shares your image it helps to build your reputation and helps to find you.


Benefits of watermarking your images lead to brand awareness. It informs that your images is protected and won’t be used for any work more and represents you author of that particular image.

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