Fix iOS 9 WiFi problems in iPhone and iPad

iDevice owners, especially those who’re using iOS 9, sometime come across the issues like WiFi is not working in iPhone or iPad. This is not always your internet connectivity problem, in fact, there can be many other reasons which cause issues of such sort in iPhones and iPads.

This issue, along with many other issues, is mostly seen in iDevices having iOS 9. Since its release, it was never being a preferable choice for iDevice users’ due to such issues.


So, whether you’re using iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or iPhone 6, wifi not working error consists due to the software update iOS 9 by Apple. The issues that iDevice with iOS 9 usually face are like iPhone can't Connect To iTunes and Missing APN Settings in iPhone etc. Users also complained about the security vulnerability of passcode in iPhone.

The question “If Someone is Spying at Your Phone?” also raised due when public came to know about passcode’s security vulnerabilities. Now iPhone and iPad users are facing issues with WiFi that the WiFi isn’t working in iPhone and iPad without any apparent reason.

Fix iOS 9 WiFi Problems in iPhone and iPad

Here I’ll discuss some sound solutions to fix iOS 9 WiFi problems in iPhone and iPad. These are just some handy tips on the basis of my personal understanding. Though these tips solve the problem most of the time but there is no guarantee that these will 100% work for your iPhone or iPad. Let’s start with the 1st solution.

i) Reboot Devices (iPhone, iPad and WiFi Router)

The very 1st thing that you should try after any such issue to reboot your iPhone and iPad. If rebooting solves the issue then fine, otherwise try rebooting your WiFi router (the WiFi device that your internet service provider has installed in your home).

Almost 70% of WiFi instability issues are automatically solved when we reboot our router devices. This is because sometimes the configuration settings of router devices are messed up, rebooting device will set all of settings back to the default ones. If rebooting doesn’t solve your problem then move to next tip.

ii) Forget WiFi Network

This means removing all settings of a WiFi connection from your device and reconnecting it by re-entering passcode. Let’s see how!

How to solve forget wifi network issue?

Go to Settings on your iDevice. Tap on WiFi option. Now tap on the WiFi connection you want to forget. It’ll prompt you by asking if you want to forget WiFi network. Tap on Forget network option and it’s all gone. Don’t worry it won’t make to entirely forget the WiFi signals of that network. It’ll just remove the credentials of that network saved in your device.

Now if you have another WiFi network in range that you’re allowed to connect with, connect to that. Otherwise tap again on the network you just forgot and re-enter its password. It will reconnect to that network and see if it solves your issue now.

iii) Reset your Network Settings

If forgetting and reconnecting haven’t solved your problem then the next thing you should try is resetting your network settings. But before resetting the network settings, you must know that it will remove all cellular and WiFi network settings from your iDevice. So it’s advised to save a backup of your network passwords before moving on. Let’s see how!

How it works?

Open the Settings of your iDevice and tap on General. Scroll down until you see Reset option and tap on 3rd option of Reset. Hope it’ll fix the WiFi issue in your iDevice. If it doesn’t work then move to next tip.

iv) On/Off Toggle WiFi Assist

It is a new feature in iOS 9 which allows an iDevice user to switch to cellular data upon sensing a weak WiFi connection. iPhone users can try toggling WiFi assist on/off to see if it helps. Let’s see how!

How to do this?

Open Settings and Tap on Cellular (or mobile data). Now scroll down until you see WiFi Assist option, toggle it to ON and OFF multiple times after a period of few seconds.

v) Change DNS

You can also try changing Domain Name Server (DNS). Sometimes, the DNS you’re connecting at current time encounter some issues. It may be cause of WiFi problem in iPhone or iPad. You can switch to other DNS servers or Google’s DNS to see if it helps you out. Let’s see how to change DNS!

How to Change DNS?

Go to Settings in your iPhone or iPad and tap on WiFi option. Now tap on a WiFi network you’re connected to. There are some credentials of this network such as Internet Protocol (IP) Address, Subnet Mask, Router and DNS are visible there.

You can the DNS to google DNS by taping the digits next to DNS and typing ( in primary DNS and ( in secondary DNS. It also solves many internet connectivity problems in iPhones and iPads. Do try this!

vi) Use VPN and Browse Anonymously

Using a VPN or proxy network can also be helpful because sometimes the internet services are blocked for some specific location. You can use any of the Top Best Web Anonymous Proxies to anonymously connect to the internet.

Though the VPN and proxy network automatically disable your location services, still it is advised to go to Settings > Location services > turn it OFF in your iDevice.

vii) Update iOS via iTunes

Updating iOS via OTA is not recommended by Apple experts. You should use update to the latest available iOS via iTunes. This can fix your many issues as well as this WiFi problem in iPhone and iPad.


I hope you’ve solved your iOS 9 WiFi problem in iPhone and iPad after trying these seven above mentioned tips. Actually these problems are not bound to any specific range of causes. All we can do is just to guess that “it might be the cause”. It’s like sorting out the most likely cause and its solution.

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