10 Essential Tips Every iPhone Developer Should Know

The Apple handsets is the most loving and popular phones among users and its efficient in use.It has many advanced features like multiple screen windows , Artificial Intelligence chatbot etc.

Applications for iPhone are available on iPhone Store having all kind of business or any niche related apps. As iPhone users increases the demand of iPhone apps also increases. Many software companies looks for professional iPhone app developers, who have depth knowledge in tools ,and other process.

Below we listed some tips for iPhone developers to know about and for iPhone applications build up process.

  1. The programming language used in iPhone app development process is Objective C. A developer should have expertise in this and also have experience in working on Swift which replaced Objective C for iPhone development process.

  2. It’s also important for the developer he/she should have knowledge of Apple IDE platform which is XCODE.Developer should also have some hands on Cocoa Touch and UI kit.

  3. Having deep knowledge of iPhone’s kit like Cloud, Core Graphics and Web Kit and most important iPhone’s framework.

  4. Use notes or comments for any future reference. It is important to write clean code which is a good practise for them

  5. Developers have experience with how to use source control with that they track versions in code and make changes in code. It helps developers to get back to working state of app code.

  6. Iphone Developers should have experience in working with libraries and API’s.

  7. Developers also well expertise in Interface builder which is a part of XCODE mainly used for UI designing.

  8. iPhone Developer should have knowledge of HTML5 for creating user friendly apps and other tools and technologies which is very important as per designing part.

  9. Developer have experience in developing apps for earlier version which removes the compatibility issues.

  10. Developers should have capability to do some brainstorm task and think, create out of box iPhone applications.

  11. Developers have clear understanding about the Guidelines of Apple’s App Listing on App store. Apple can also reject the app if it doesn’t meet the guidelines of it thus leads to failure in whole development process.
Above steps shows that the developer have some fundamental aspects before getting into development process. Also by following the above points it helps developer to create robust and user friendly applications.
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