Image optimization for SEO, is Image SEO easier?

Most of us do not ever bother about adding images or optimizing our images for search engine optimization. Image optimization is a hidden secret in SEO, and you need to really think about it.

Adding appropriate images worth more than 1000 fluffy words which have no directions or point, you even can describe the whole story in just adding images, and adding some text around those images. You would have seen some websites, which only put images, and by adding meaningful signs, give the user entire idea of a post.

So, you would read, about image SEO, and how you can use this option to rank your competitive keyword.

Adding the right image for your post:

First of all, if you got a great team, you should create your own image, which can describe the story or idea of adding it in the post.

As a digital medium, photos and videos appeal more as compare to the text, adding them can fetch some interest for your post, or at least user will not bore by reading your post.

image optimization

If you do not have this kind of budget, you should use the other option but should edit the image, should change it to the proper format, Png and jpg are nice formats to add.

Similar image checker tool can check and tell that where this image is already existing on google which you selected so be careful with image plagiarism.

You can download free images from,, and more free sites which have a lot of free images stock.

Right file name:

Choosing the right file name gears up your image optimization for SEO, as the default images name when you take a Snap would be DUDN.JPG or Screenshot1.jpg.

The name of the image should be as descriptive, as your post title. It should get the true meaning of the post, or if you are adding this for adding some point, in the article, which does not hold the entire idea of the post, then go to that part, and put the name with that part.

But, for general images, you should put the proper descriptive name of the images.

ALT tags in images:

The must do a thing while adding an image on a post, must add, a concise, targeted alt tag in your image.

Remove the stop words, a, and, the etc. put the short keyword which can explain the idea of the post in your images.

When you are running an online store, put the alt tag related to your brand name. As when someone searches product on Google, one must see all the images of that product, and if you had already put an alt tag, your image will also be showing in that list. If the user clicks on your image, it will lead the user to your website.

Description of an image:

An image which does not hold any text in description holds nothing for a user. You should describe what the purpose of the image is, and why you have added that image.

Adding a description of an image in your blog is a great signal for your SEO.

If you do not add any text near the image, then it will be added as just an image, hold no value for you.

Size of the images should not be so large, as this thing is going to increase the load speed of your page, which will be bad for SEO.

You should optimize your images, add proper descriptive and meaningful images, and put the al tags which should be not so long and detailed, and should care about the size and format of the images.

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