The Five Golden Rules to Save your Smartphone's Battery

According to experts, Battery performance is the most important feature of modern smartphone. The smartphones still have a lot to do to be autonomous more than one day in intensive use. Even newer devices still suffer from lack of autonomy. But the problem comes not only from batteries, but also from their use. So how to save a smartphone battery? Here are five golden rules to follow!

1. Never drop below 10% load

First behavior to be banished: completely empty its battery before recharging its phone! A technique valid on devices of the 1980s but that must be forgotten. Today, falling below 5% may even damage your smartphone. Why ? With the current lithium-ion batteries, the electronic circuit is damaged in case of very low load. Our advice: put an alert from 10% remaining so as to have time to find a catch without touching the 5%. A warning at 20% load is more comfortable.

2. Do not recharge the battery 100%

This is the previous error in the opposite direction. Yet recharging each time its 100% battery has no use. On the contrary, our devices are more suited to small refills. The ideal is to recharge its battery up to 70 or 80%. Of course, you recharge more often but you wait less. However, at the first start-up, a 100% load is recommended by some manufacturers. No precipitation, as the batteries are 40% charged at the factory, you have time to configure your smartphone before recharging for the first time.

3. Close unused applications and functions

First reflex that will allow you to gain a little autonomy and, at the same time, to protect your privacy: the deactivation of the GPS. This option is often enabled by default, but if you're not looking for your path on Google maps, it's not useful. Same thing with Bluetooth, Wifi or mobile data that consume a lot of energy. Also, reduce the brightness of the camera. Finally, close applications that you do not use (see the explanations of 01net in video below).

4. Do not use the smartphone when hot

Have you ever noticed that your smartphone is hot when used while it is charging? It's normal. And what is the No. 1 enemy of a battery? The heat. The rule is simple: when your smartphone is plugged in, do not use it. To speed up loading, it is possible to put it in airplane mode or even to turn it off.

5. Do not use any charger

In case of forgotten shipper, the temptation is great to ask that of the neighbor. In principle, there is no danger if it is a high-end charger. On the other hand, pay attention to cheap models universal charger. Also use the charger instead of the USB port. In addition to reloading your smartphone faster, it will avoid recovering a virus present on the device used for the load.

No matter which phone do you have? These tricks increase battery time of Samsung phones, battery span of iPhone hence all types’ phone battery tends to last longer when these tricks are implemented.

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