Can You Build Muscle With A Home Gym

Can you build muscle with a home gym? This is a question that a lot many of us have, and disbelief in. While most of the people think it is impossible, it is not exactly.
The answer depends solely upon the person asking it. What kind of shape do you want? How much muscle you wish to gain? And what do you intent to use in place of a gym?
Gym is not a magical building that transforms your body. Just like going to a church or a religious place does not make you religious, it is the internal intent.

Can We Build A GYM At Home
A gym is a normal building with weighing equipment inside of it. With the right schedule and equipment, any novice can build the appropriate muscle.
You do not need all the heavy equipment at your home; just the light equipment can help you puff up to the right muscle amount. You can either go for specific exercise equipment like treadmill, power racks, ab crunch machine etc or you can also buy home gym equipment all in one with which you can perform various exercises.
However, if your goal is to be someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you will need a gym and particularly, a lot of protein. Or at least a well-equipped home gym with at least couple of adjustable dumbbells, a barbell, squad rack and a bench.
It is pretty much the story for everyone with a few years worth of lifting experience. If you have already built yourself to a decent level of muscle, you will find it tough to make further progress. As you get stronger and bigger, bodyweight exercises tend to become less effective.
However, if you are a novice in weight lifting, and just wish to pump up some chest and arm muscles, you can easily get a couple of dumbbells in your house. You should be fine building muscle at home with exercises around your bodyweight.

Home Workouts That Can Help You Build Muscle without GYM

Following is a simple 3 days per week training programme, perfectly suited for a novice who wish to gain muscles without leaving home. All that you will need is a suspension trainer and a couple of dumbbells.

The exercises can vary from workout to workout, or you can stick with same ones for the initial 6-8 weeks before switching them around. Even if you don’t afford any trainer, I think you can easily find many useful such video in YouTube and fix up your workout schedule.

All you got to do is start with 10 reps and 3 sets per exercise, and then a rest for about 80 seconds between moves. Each week, you can increase your weights, reps, sets or decrease the overall rest period to ensure that there is a constant progression.

Free Weights over Machines
The more advanced you get in lifting, the more you will be using free weights and less machines. It is important to note that machines do not make you go huge. Machines are just as good as the free weights. In many cases, free weights are much safer to use, and occupies almost no space.
These are no inferior to machines and can help you make the same strength and gain mass as any machine. So, if you wish to build up some muscles at your house, the first step is to get some appropriate light equipment and proceed onto exercises that suit you.
Make sure you are also making a strict routine about your diet and daily exercise timings. Only a strict routine and hard work out can help you to make a good body over the time. You have to take enough sleep as well to get enough rest for next day routine.
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