Types of Racing Wheels For Your Ford Vehicles

Steering wheels play an important part for any vehicle brand. Ford owners want stylish racing wheels with good quality, firmly handled racing wheels makes your Ford drive enjoyable. You can replace your racing wheels from wide varieties and qualities of racing wheels at altgradauto. Below is the list of different types of racing wheels for your Ford vehicle:

Racing Steering Wheels

racing wheels

If you think that the steering wheels of your Ford vehicle are old or no more attractive look then you can replace your old fashioned steering wheel with racing steering wheels. Mostly the plain jane steering wheels have older look, surely you will choose from different varieties in racing steering wheels at ALTGRADAUTO. You feel good because It fit in your hand with enhancing interior and sporty looks.

Racing wheels covered with leather looks more attractive with wider center area. You can choose from several styles, colors and quality.

Suede Steering Wheels

suede wheels

For luxurious feelings, we have Suede steering wheels, very light in weight and anodized finishes. If you are looking for steering wheels with better movement and smooth surface easily gripped into your hands then Suede is the best choice for you.

If you want a feel like you are flying a plane then the uppermost cutaway makes it just like airplane yoke!

Customized Steering Wheels

customized wheels

Customized Steering Wheels best suit those who want sports experience, whoever low rider, restomod and hot rod can also use this type of steering wheels.

Metal Steering Wheels

Metal Steering

If you are looking for something classy and sporty with small spokes then the metal steering wheel is the best choice. Metal steering wheels manufactured with stainless steel rime and each of the wire rods associated with the center of the steering wheel.

Choose from the adulterated or unadulterated appearance of metal beneath. Highest quality and low weight metal steering wheels are also available. The inclusions of aluminum in the steering wheels give more strength and light in weight. Different colors of leather wrap are available and you could choose from anyone.

Mixture of Foam and Rubber Wrapped Steering Wheels


For better grip foam and rubber wrapped steering wheels are good options and mostly used by the racing persons or in the racing cars. Ford vehicle owners grasp the steering with more comfort and ease than any other steering, also help your hands to rest well while driving. These steerings are available in different qualities and designs.

Wood Rimmed Steering Wheels

wood wheels

Wood type steering wheels add more value to the Ford vehicle and very elegant. If your old wood-rimmed steering is not giving good look, damaged, fade in color or you need more versatile look then choose from a wide variety and replace it.

Different variety and quality wood rims are available like walnut, hardwood and mahogany. The woods rims with dark and light colors are available.

Now, where to find prestigious quality steerings according to the choice?

Many online stores are offering a wide variety of wheel steering but I mostly buy my Ford parts from altgradauto because of highest discounts and quality.

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