Steps for Writing a Best Classified Ad

Today, advertising has become one of the best medium through which you can promote business and persuade customers as well. There are several ways of advertising and online promotion in form of classified ad is one of them. These days, more and more companies are taking help of classified sites where they can easily post classified ads and save their valuable time and money. But, there are many things that you must keep in mind before writing an advertisement and posting at free classified site in India. A better written classified ad help in grabbing attention much easily in comparison to others. But, in case if you don’t know anything related to classified ad and posting them then you must take help of SEO experts or specialized person who is in same line from last so many years. They will clear all your doubts and come with appropriate suggestions and response.

Importance of good content in classified ad

classified ad

No matter whatever type of classified ad you are planning to post, but it is must that you should invest sometime in deciding it’s content. The content should be unique, appealing and different from other ads. It should contain something such that no other classified advertisements will have, thus it will leave good impact on readers and as a result they will show more interest. While on other hand, the content should be informative and fresh. It should be kept as small as possible and above all must be written in new format.

Easy to use tools

Most of the classified sites offering service like post free ads in India, also provide number of easy to use tools. There are hundreds of benefits that you will get, some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Make advertisement attractive and eye catching
  2. Use color tools to make it look more beautiful
  3. Different writing styles to choose among
  4. Grab attention of potential customers
  5. Choose and apply themes as per the need

So, overall the better the ad you will post online the more people will read it and know about your business services and products.

Tips for writing best classified ads

If you are planning to write ad on your own then you must write such classified ads that should be informative. But, if you are new to this then you must consider some important tips while writing. Along with this, there are certain rule of thumb that will definitely help you in achieving better results and meeting targeted goals. Mentioned below are some of the tips that you can follow:

Examine classified section: If you have written some classified ads earlier then without wasting time, have a look on it and collect information like how many have read and visited ad, how many tried to contact and what was the total amount involved in this. All these things will help you in identifying issues and most importantly also provide information regarding competitors and how market conditions will effect your posted advertisement.

Go with appropriate category: If you really want to take business to new heights then you must post and write ads under correct category. You can even have a look at your competitors ad and the way of writing, this will give an idea that you can utilize in important areas. You can pinpoint business prospectus and give information related to business products and services.

Write a powerful title or headline: A classified ad should always have powerful and appropriate title that suits content well. Being the most vital part of any classified ad it is must that you should invest some quality time in selecting title and always try to give a fresh title. Along with this, if your business is dealing in any branded product then you must give a suitable headline that will go perfect with the ad and also compliment it.

Write brand name: If dealing in brand merchandise then must state the name of brand in classified ad. This will make ad more informative and people will turn more curious to know about the products and services your business is dealing in. In fact, it is often believed that a branded product will have more customer attention and readers will read ad with concentrated mind.

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