Herbal remedies for miscarriage pains and cramps

Miscarriage, which is the unwanted loss of a child in the mother’s womb due to either internal or external factors, is a reason for both mental and physical pain. Mentally one may feel imbalance of emotions as the child who was yet to born is lost and at the same time physically it leads to terrible pain in joints as well as back. The post miscarriage trauma can be handled through regular counseling and with the help of a supportive family. On the other hand, to deal with the physical pain, you must consult doctors who would often suggest you pain relief medicines and anti-spasmodic pills. You can also take help of some natural herbs, fruits, and plants to relieve yourself from the after-effects of miscarriage. The homemade remedies are herbal, and they can work wonders without causing any side-effects. They are also easily available.

Cramp Bark:

This well-known plant with shiny bright berries has been used for centuries to reduce menstrual cramps and pain. Due to its powerful antispasmodic chemicals which are viopudial and scopoletin, there is a considerable reduction in the uterus contractions, and this eases the pain. It alleviates all types of discomfort and spasms that are causedin the uterus. The way to consume the cramp bark is through having tea or by consuming the bark tincture. You must definitely consult the doctor to make sure of the right amount of dosage.

Partridge berry:

This is a wonderful tonic herb that helps female fertility, but it also is beneficial in relieving painful cramps. The herb helps to deal with the pregnancy-related problem by not only strengthening the weak uterus but also with the proper dosage maintaining the balance of hormone within the body.

Red Raspberry:

This is a rich herb which cannot be avoided both in case of pregnancy and to relieve yourself after an unfortunate miscarriage. This herb increases fertility, maintains and boosts hormone levels in the body, strengthens and relaxes the uterine muscles and reduces cramps. There are a number of ways of consuming it and having tea out of raspberry leaves is the commonest way. You can also make coconut raspberry leaf tea, red raspberry orange cooler or a vitamin-rich pregnancy tea blend.

Black Haw:

This wondrous herb is one of the commonest natural remedies of miscarriage and menstrual pains. It is one of the most important uterine spasmodic which consists of scopoletin and salicin. This herb relieves uterine contractions and also loosens the cervix or weak uterine muscles. This can be consumed in the form of capsules and tincture, but you must always consult a doctor for the right amount of dosage.

False Unicorn Root:

This has the same benefits like that of the black haw herb. In addition, this herb is used for treating ovarian cysts, reducing menstrual and miscarriage pains and cramps, treating infertility and easing problems related to menopause. It is to be kept in mind that all these herbs are helpful in treating pregnancy-related problems, but you must always consult your doctor before having them.

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