3 Tools for Webmasters

There are literally thousands of tools over the web to help improve the SEO ranking of any website. Online tools provide you methods and assist in controlling numerous things like errors, content, bot movements, improving site speed and design, sitemaps etc. These tools are a must to be used by any SEO professional currently working. Taking away your burden of many things are basically the main function of these tools. Free to use these tools can provide you information which is impossible to get without them.

Let us discuss the three tools which are highly important:

XML sitemap tool.

XML sitemap tool is extremely important for your website. This tool helps you create a sitemap for your web page. Sitemaps help your website greatly as in they make it easier for the search engine bots to crawl your site easily. XML sitemap basically defines the details of what is inside your web page, Which pages to discover or index and which ones need to exclude. Alert to search engines if any changes or updates were made. Plus it’s really easy to explain it to search engine bots how many URLs your domain has and when to crawl them and which one to crawl first. This tool is extremely helpful in a way that it creates a sitemap for you. Simply provide your main URL to this tool and click to create. In a matter of seconds, this tool will create a high-quality XML sitemap for you to upload. The tool is quick, free and user-friendly.

SEO score checker.

This is a very important tool in knowing numerous information about your site on a single click. This helps you keep a track of what is missing and what needs improvement. This tool will let you check:

  1. Page title.
  2. Meta Description.
  3. Meta Keywords.
  4. Google Search results preview.
  5. Keywords test.
  6. Headings H1 , H2.
  7. Robots.txt.
  8. XML sitemaps.
  9. Broken links test.
  10. Underscores in page URLs.
  11. Friendly URLs for SEO.
  12. Image alt.
  13. Inline CSS.
  14. Faction test.
  15. Nofollow checks.
  16. Domain Authority.

Basically, every single detail about your website will be provided to you free of cost and in a few seconds. These things will help you in improving, tracking and upgrading your site. So keep yourself in touch with this great tool provided for your facility. Check seo score of your website and do changes according to the suggestions.

Spider Simulator.

Search engines or Google has bots or spiders which crawl inside your site to get information and condition of your website for ranking purposes. This information about your website decides where your site will end up on a search engine. The ranking is given to such details. SEO professionals have quite an idea how vital this information is. Here are some key points which our tool is going to provide you.

  1. URL details (every URL your site contain).
  2. Meta tags and description
  3. Header sections
  4. Text, tags, and attributes
  5. Inter links and backlinks your site has.
  6. XML sitemap for best crawling.

Simply paste the main URL of your web page in the text box of this tool and click to show the results. In a matter of seconds, you will get reliable results for your site including all above-mentioned topics.

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