How Tiny Agents Chatbots Used for Industries

Now a days Chat Bots gaining huge popularity across all the different sectors whether it is an IT , Healthcare or any other. It’s a special type of Artificial entity that converts human conversations into computer readable. All small or big industries adopting this special AI type of chatbots for 24*7 customer support or for business assistants. Several bots like Siri a great example of Artificial Intelligence assist iPhone users and helps in retrieving any kind of information via text or voice.
Pros of Using Chat Bots:-
  1. Enhance Customer Experience
  2. Solving User Queries
  3. Fast & Easy to Integrate 
  4. Improve Engagement
In recent years we have seen enormous growth in chat bots and it’s a great marketing business advisor with any messaging platform like KIK, WhatsApp and any other social messenger.
Users are pretty much satisfied with chat bots experience and they ready to adopt this kind of technology with ease. It can be used in several industries as i stated above. Lets take some industries example where it can be applied.

Chatbots for Travel Industry:

There is huge demand of chatbots in this industry. With use of travel chatbots , traveling agents are of no use. It can be used as a customer support as an airline chatbot. It helps users to provide immediate answers to their queries. Everyone is busy and in hurry need immediate response that’s why they play an important role in airline or you can say in travel industry. 

Chatbots for Insurance Industry:

Users generally confuses while searching various plans and recommendations of different insurance schemes. Chatbots provides easy, safe recommendations in quick time with User friendly. Insurance industries using automated query response for improved customer experience and engagements. Some industry users find this useful and some sticks to human insurance agents. Chatbots helps by saving lots of time in covering paper work this is one of biggest advantages of chatbots in this industry.

Chatbots for Retail Industry:

This is the era of online marketing likely 80 to 90% of business owners take their business to online. Using social sites like Facebook, e-commerce sites enhancing business owners sales and provide good experience through chatbots. providing 24*7 support related to various products queries. They helps to build strong consumer oriented relationship. 

Chatbots for Banking Industry:

This is the industry which see enormous growth in chatbots integration. Usually their is a net banking option which covers M or E banking provides basic conversation for user to start. Chatbots provide all information regarding your account simply via text or voice. In past we have seen that users not enjoying banking on calling rather they prefer to do online. They also send automated query response message to your mail id if any threat or phishing occurs through different locations or any other try to access your bank information.
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