Mistakes to Avoid While Pitching Your Content as Guest Blogger

Writing Content is one of the most important part of marketing. Most content writers starts writing just as a hobby which they keep progressing with time. These days Guest posting is one of the main off page SEO technique. However some guest posters who are on their early stage of writing make some mistakes which make them an unsuccessful to pitch their first guest post. Following are some of the mistakes.

Insufficient Research:

Pitching or writing guest post without research is one of the top mistakes most writers do. Doing research will help you out which field to explore and be in major that. This will surely help your to stand on top of other bloggers.

Not Thinks Different

Most of us want to do something different in which we are good at. It is good to try something different like something outside of box ideas. This will make you better.

Using Tons of Links

Interlinking is important in Digital Marketing as well in writing. However using so many spammy or non informative links will push your content down in eye of search engines. Always use few informative links which draws attention to readers.

Communication Gap

After successfully writing a guest post , make sure always maintain a communication with your readers. For example when a reader asks a particular question please don’t ignore that. Reply genuinely and calmly to their questions. Even some readers will teach you giving you suggestions blah blah, respond them politely.

Not Filling Author's Bio

It’s very important after submitting guest post fill out the author’s bio detail which helps in protecting your content from being copied.

Copied Title & Captions

Having a catchy title inspire readers to read the content more interestingly. Make sure if the content is not interesting. readers will not read it and won’t read in future also.

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