Top 6 Artificial Intelligence Apps Will Turn Your Smartphone Even Smarter

In the field of science and technology, Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in almost all the roles and stands at the top level too. Their respective apps have listed many benefits to the human beings and it provides accurate ways to get the tasks a successful one. There are several apps that can be used on Android devices.


Cortana is initially developed for the Windows phone and it is also available on the Android devices. This one allows you to synchronize your Smartphone along with the personal computer. It is one of the best ways to set a reminder and also to get notifications on your Smartphone. On the other side of the flip, Cortana allows the folks to track the files, images, and videos from the devices.

The high-speed recognition feature along with the Artificial Intelligence capabilities are considered to be a highly advanced one and it is renowned for owning the fastest report times when compared to the other Artificial Intelligence Virtual assistants.

Google Allo

Google Allo is one of the best messaging apps which allow the folks to perform several actions based on their respective Android phones through their voice. It is easy to express their emotions and also feelings just by using the emojis and stickers. This app is an apt one for the people who are last but still want to continue the working process.

It was launched in the year 2016 and it is an Artificial Intelligence centric messaging app developed by Google. It is a compatible one for both of the Android and iOS. It is more or less similar to that of the other messaging apps and pretty much of the other messaging app offers. The major key elements are the group chats, voice messages, and themed stickers etc.

This one is especially for the folks who wish to improve the English speaking skills and it stands for the English language Speech Assistant. It is a well known artificial intelligence Android apps for learning the English language. The folks can learn the language and also improve the pronunciation in a shorter period of time. ELSA was developed by the experts that can assist the folks in the tracking of the progress and also get the update about the daily progress report.

The options of the curriculum are based on the interest including the professional settings. The users are taken on the right track just by using the vocabulary phrases, words and the algorithms. The users can also hire an experienced mobile app development company for further processes.


Hound is the best app that we love it to use. Similar to that of the Google Voice search, Hound is a natural speaking one and also gets the results displayed immediately. Without using the finger or the Tapping, you can just activate the app just by saying the word “Ok Hound”. There are several features available and the video playback can be processed in the Sound Hound playlist.

At the same time, one can also set different alarms and set the timer too according to the requirements. By using this gigantic app both the current weather and the weather forecast can also be determined for the upcoming days. One can search for the nearest best food restaurants, book for the cab, and view the web to get the data. Hence you people be ready to stay tuned for the unique Artificial Intelligence Application.

Recent News

Recent News is a unique app which is totally a news aggregation app and it is powered by the Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. It keeps on updating on the latest news, articles and news etc; the best app to stay informed and updated on the several subjects.

Synchronization with the other devices is a possible one and the bookmarks help to conserve the battery just by nullifying the background activity. This one is specially designed for the folks who are most fond for the articles, news, and blogs etc.

An interesting fact is that it comes along with the built-in Artificial Intelligence element totally and also to watch the news totally based on the suggestions, interests and also the other options. It is a customizable one and it is faster and a smarter one when comparing to the news apps. It also helps the folks to bookmark the articles and to export to the other devices so that it can be read in the future.


Replika is the most popular one and it is known to be the best friend app. It is a compatible one for both of the iPhone and on the Android devices too. It has a greater ability to communicate with the users just like the real human. The conversation appears not to be an automated one and also a greater capability is available to learn the user’s preference.


Socratic is one of the best one and it can assist the folks along with the math homework in a shorter period of time. Just take a picture of the homework with the aid of the camera app and the relevant concepts can solve the problem. Hence, we come to know that the AI is an effective way to save the time and also to be a productive one. With the availability of the above apps, one can for sure explore the power of artificial intelligence.

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