Lemon Juice -- Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking it

More people now prefer to start their day with lemon water instead of coffee or tea. You too should try this one as it has tons of healthy benefits with absolutely no side effects to deal with. Lemon is all natural and delicious and including it in your morning routine can be great for your body. Unlike caffeinated drinks, lemon beverage is actually good for you with plenty of health benefits. It would be good to drink lemon water and give your body the nourishment it deserves. Plus, you can save yourself from the harms of tea or coffee that may work as a temporary stimulant but has bad effects over time.   

Here are top 5 health benefits of drinking lemon juice -

1. Lemon juice keeps you hydrated 

If you don’t drink plenty of water throughout the day, you may be plagued with several health concerns, including persistent fatigue and exhaustion. It’s true that the bland taste of water stops you from drinking it much, but this should never an excuse to avoiding a beverage that constitutes a good part of the body.

Doctors advise us to drink at least 3 litres of water daily, or 6-8 glasses in a day. If the tasteless water is too much to bear, you can mix few drops of lemon in it to boost is flavour and make it tasty. This will help you keep hydrated and energized for the whole day. 

2. Lemon juice reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease 

Citrus fruits like lemon have a high amount of vitamin C that is required for the body for various purposes. Among other things, this vitamin is known to reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Consuming it in any form can help keep your blood pressure lower and let your heathy stay healthy.

More importantly, low vitamin C levels are bad for the body, particularly for obese people with high blood pressure as it can increase the risk of stroke. It just takes 2-3 glasses of lemon water daily to keep your heart healthy and it would be surprising if you did not trust this magical remedy.     

3. Lemon juice can improve your skin quality 

If you care for your skin, try lemon juice and see the drastic improvement along the way. Because, vitamin C is known to reduce skin wrinkling and keep your skin looking rejuvenated. More so, lemon juice can prevent you from the problem of dry skin and make you looking refreshed. 
With lemon juice, you will stop your skin from losing moisture and turning dry and wrinkle-prone. You can apply moisture, but lemon water is a better option for keeping your skin hydrated from inside. Plus, it also keeps away toxins from the body and this makes your skin shine. 

4. Lemon juice can help you with weight loss 

Weight is a big issue to handle. Obesity is an epidemic these days. If you suffer from weight problems, seek remedy else there will be great risks to the body, including heart problems. If you look for any home remedy for weight loss, try lemon juice and see the difference yourself. 
People have long been trusting lemon water to lose weight as there is no reason you can’t. because, the polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons are known to significantly reduce weight and keep your slim and fit. It keeps your metabolism going and also keeps you full, and both are the reasons why lemon juice works against weight problem.

5. Lemon juice is good for your dental health 

Lemon is staple to households for the need of removing stench from anything, whether clothes or skin. It has long been used to neutralize odours and restoring the desired fragrance. You can leverage this lemon property to fight off bad breath problem generally caused by consuming certain foods like garlic, fish or onion. 

What’s more, it can also prevent dry mouth, and this won’t allow bacterial growth and bad breath. Plus, it can stimulate saliva in your mouth and this helps flush out food residue, plaque and bacteria to keep your teeth healthy and disease-free. Even if your teeth lose alignment, you can consult the dentist and ask about teeth braces price for right treatment in time.
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