If You Are Planning To Sell Your Home, Read This

When a house is put on the market for sale, many believe that buyers would come knocking and the sale will be completed fast. This is a dream which gets broken quite quickly. When you are in the market to sell your home you come to know the real value of your home, you learn about the faults in your home which you never knew existed, you are made to believe that your home is not one that could be inhabited and all this is done to make you reduce your price. But you can beat this by making a few changes to your home, normally known as staging a home and when you do this you will find that the prospective buyer does not have any excuse to use and ask you to reduce the price.

1. Improve the look of the exteriors of your home. If the house requires a new coat of paint you should get it painted. Do not forget to paint the main door and even the mailbox. The garage door should also be painted. The lawn should be mowed and if possible keep a few potted plants with bright flowers on the driveway.

2. Remove the clutter from your home. If you have too much furniture it can seem as though there is no space in the house. You need to remove the excess furniture and keep it in some other location such as storage units Memphis. The furniture will be safe there and you can get them when you sell and move to a new place.

3. Open the drapes and let in the sunshine. A house with natural light attracts positive vibes and the would be buyer will be impressed by it.

4. Open the windows so that the breeze enters your home. An airy room will make the would be buyer feel good about the home.

5. The kitchen should be clean and all the appliances should be in working order. If possible bake bread, cake or cookies and offer them to the would be buyer. This will be good to break the ice and also help you in closing the sale. Many realtors told me that the most sales they have done is in kitchens while sharing food.

6. The bathroom should be clean and if required do some grouting on the tiles. If any faucet is not functioning properly get it changed at once. If any tile is broken, replace it immediately.

7. The bedroom should also be clutter free. There should be more space for movement. This is true for all rooms. The beds should be draped in fresh linen so that it attracts the buyer.

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