No Gym Required: How to Get Fit at Home

In present’s world reality is people do not have time to go to gym or to the field for running and exercises. Because in this busiest life no one is able to get their time for routinely exercise outside home. So how to get fit at home? There is no always on way of going to field for better health building also spending money on gym membership is not enough. Though people are joining gym membership but some of them could not able to follow daily routine of gym. You can lose weight and build muscles even at home. So experts are telling that anybody can do workout at their home but you need to give yourself time and space also basic routine of workout plan.

How to Get Fit at Home

Tips for Home Exercise and How to Get Fit at Home

Firstly, wake up early morning if you do not able to wake up early the sleep early at night, so that you can wake up early morning. After woke up drink some water. Your toilet will be clear after having water.

Secondly, no fresh yourself to eat something. You should take only light food which have low fat like egg, bread, banana, juice, milk, fruits, vegetables, cereals, wheat toast, etc. and remember never take any heavy food before doing you exercise. So always be sure that you are taking light food. So that you will not feel yourself heavy while doing exercise.

Thirdly, after doing your daily routine exercise then take rest for at least thirty minutes. Then you can bathe. Remember never bathe immediately after finish you exercise. Now you should take heavy meal like rice, chicken, mutton, fish, pultry, vegetables and dairy foods etc.

Fourth, never take junky foods due to it contains high rate of oil. You should not eat too much oily food. Because this type of foods slower digestive system in your stomach and take away oxygen from your body also energy delivering blood.
Fifty, so after finish you breakfast now rest for a while and then do your exercise. Now you are ready to do your workout.

Workouts to get into sharp:

Do this cardio exercise: it also known as aerobic exercise because in this exercise your heart rate increases. Beginners have to do at least 20-40 minutes before breakfast. It will strengthen your foot. You can do other exercise too off your foot these are cycling, jogging, faster and walking or work some free exercise with home gym equipment. Doing every time this exercise your feet get strong and harder enough.

The core is the center part of your body so to get this better shape do those abs workout:
The plank – (target abdominal) Lying face down your body keep your body, neck, hip, straight, and stand in your hand straight. Make sure your elbow is in 90 degrees and feel your core body and keep pressure in there. Hold this position as long as you can stay then rest 30 second, do it again and try to do this next 10 minutes.

Crunche – (Target upper abdominals) Lying down flat in the floor with knee bend, now lift up your head with body slightly at a time and try to touch you knee. Do this next 10 minutes.
Vertical let crunch – lying flat on the group keep straight your back. Place your hand beside head. Extend your legs up and straight. Then rise upward slightly and return slowly. Remember to exhale when you are going upward and inhale while returning to starting position.

V-ups – (target upper abdominal) Lie and up your face and extend your legs up straight and elbow locked. Reverse crunch, double crunch there are many exercises which will burn your fat of abdominal. Take a few minutes to perfect your forms with these basic exercise, they are very important.

Jumping rope is very helpful because in this exercise you have to first stand together then hold both side of rope in both hands and then jump with rope. For the beginner do this at least 15-30 minutes and not forget to rest yourself.

Joints in your body like knee, elbow, wrist, neck, back all these should rotate yourself. So by rotating these joints you will feel free and joint pain will never attack you till your old age.
Finally, I want to tell you something that its always easy to say something but it’s getting harder when we do that. So do not under estimate yourself do these exercise and follow those tips to stay happy and healthy.

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