Logo Design Trends That Will Dominate 2018

The design is changing at a fast pace that includes both logo design and website design. Trends change over time, and at times few trends stay for long. What were trendy years back may not ring the bell today? No matter, what it be, an affordable logo design or a responsive website, these are to attract your customers and keep your customers connected. To get connected with your customers you need to follow the pace and stay updated with the trends.

The designers at times get a hard time to follow many trends, so we have garnered a list of logo design trends that are going to persist for the year 2018. It is not just the talk of design; it is making your design flow with the trends. Your logo design must look good across all the mediums, and that is why brands are revamping their logo designs over time to stay on the peak.

Simple Shapes:

Simplicity is the keystone for all designs this year. Combination of fonts with shapes like lines, rectangle, circle or points will continue for the year 2018. Why simplicity has taken the momentum and why is it so trending? Logo designs with uniqueness and simplicity are memorized faster than complex ones. Like, how Nike’s logo design is just a simple shape yet in every person’s mind. It is because simple graphic elements with balanced and consistent look strengthen your brand’s image among your competitors.

Sliced Logo Designs:

The sliced logo design in 2017 will become even more popular in 2018. In this, a logo design has cuts in it which could either parallel lines cut into some pattern, or a word can be cut to give it smart effects and visual illusion. Cool enough to give a logo design a three-dimensional look.

Negative Spaces:

Negative spaces are nothing new to us. We have already seen logo designs with negative spaces and how well they are perceived. Just like how waves of simplicity in logo design are trending over the years similarly, logo designs with negative spaces has the momentum for this year. We are going to see some exciting logo designs with images hidden in letters or letters hidden in shapes.

Letter Stacking:

Logo design with complete words is still trending and continue to be one of the design for this and the next year. Brands still have logo designs with brand names like Sony, Versace and many others. Words with contrasting colors give the originality of the brand and grab the attention of the customers.

Game of Typography:

Typography is the essence of any logo design. Being one of the foundation factors of logo designs, the essence will persist for long. However, what’s new that can be seen is exploring the world of typography. Designers are playing with the art of typography by kerning, spacing, font combinations, and much more.

Gradients and Color Transitions:

Logo designers rediscovered the power of gradients in 2016-2017, but the trend will not fade away. Color transitions can be positively applied to both icons and text in a logo design especially where you have a massive, bulky font.

Letters/ Initials:

Though it is being replaced by minimalist trends but lettering still holds its position. There are categories like cafes, barber shops, and photo studios that follow the lettering logo designs.

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