5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Shiatsu Massage Benefits

Shiatsu massage can be defined as an ancient therapeutic treatment performed by a trained and expert shiatsu therapist. Your chosen therapist will work on adjusting the energies of your body called the qi or chi as well as the physical structure as a means of healing the body and improving the well-being of both your body and mind.

benefits of shiatsu massage

Shiatsu Massage has plenty of benefits, including the following:

  1. Lessens Stress and Tension
  2. One of the major benefits of a shiatsu massage is that it can lessen stress and tension. It is one of those therapies designed to help you relax. Expect to feel more relaxed and calmer right after you receive your shiatsu massage. Such is a huge help in lowering your stress level and lessening tension, which is also beneficial in preventing anxiety and depression. Being in a relaxed state is also a good thing as it promotes a healthy and sound sleep.

  3. Balances your energy
  4. What’s good about shiatsu massage is that it makes use of different techniques that focus on adjusting your chi or qi. The most commonly used practice is that which involves targeting your acupuncture or acupressure points. Your chosen shiatsu therapist will be able to detect any variances inside your body through sense and touch even before physical symptoms started to appear.

    He/she can detect subtle changes that signal the presence of an imbalance. If your energy is imbalanced, then your therapist will work on restoring its balance, thereby preventing physical symptoms from appearing. If symptoms are already present, then the restoration of the balance can prevent them from worsening.

  5. Gets rid of muscle tension and spasms
  6. Another positive effect of a shiatsu massage is that it can help get rid of muscle tension and spasms. It can result in the elimination of muscle aches. Your therapist does that by pulling and rubbing the muscles and skin. He/she will also press on your acupressure points, thereby releasing tension.

  7. Combats migrain
  8. If you are suffering from migraine, then a regular shiatsu massage can also help you. It should be noted that migraine is often caused by the rapid narrowing and widening of the blood vessels in your head or brain. This can lead to pain and irritation. With shiatsu, you can combat migraine as the therapy can relax your body. It can also increase blood flow and improve circulation all throughout your body, which is a major help in battling migraine.

  9. Stimulates your skin
  10. Another benefit of shiatsu massage is better health for your skin. The whole session applies finger pressure on your body’s acupressure points. Such act helps improve the circulation to your skin while also ensuring that your sebaceous glands secrete sebum. This is a big help in moisturizing and softening your skin. It also prevents wrinkles and ensures that your skin stays young and healthy.


A good shiatsu massage can provide numerous benefits. Aside from the benefits already mentioned, it can also treat a number of health concerns and conditions, including musculoskeletal problems, emotional and internal concerns, and digestive disorders. Each massage session is calming, which is really beneficial when it comes to improving your overall health and wellness.

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