How to Light up the Eyes with White Shadow - Know all the Steps

The white tones are usually the least used when making up because, mainly, we do not know how to use them and, therefore, we think that the result will be too eccentric and unnatural makeup. However, a white eye shadow can be very flattering if we know how to apply it, since we can, on the one hand, illuminate our eyes and, on the other, enlarge our eyes so that they look much more attractive.

In this article of we show you how to light up the eyes with white shadow through a series of tricks and makeup techniques that are very easy to do. Keep reading and give a different style to your look.

Steps to follow:

  1. The first step to this look is to use a concealer and cover the imperfections of the skin. To do this, apply a little of this product just over the area that we want to cover, for example, the dark circles , and spread it with your fingers giving small touches until it is unified with our skin tone. You should also take into account the color of the circles under your eyes to choose your concealer. Thus, if they are purple you should choose a yellow tone, and if they are a yellowish color you should choose a concealer in lilac tones.
  2. To make the eye shadow look better, it is advisable to first use makeup base for our eyes. In this way, the color of the eyelids and the contour of our eyes is uniform with the rest of the skin. To use it, simply add a small amount to your fingers or a makeup sponge and apply it on the eyelids and around the eyes until the product is totally absorbed and uniform
  3. The next step will be to use the white shadow as an illuminator. It is important that we measure the quantities well so that the result is an enlightened look and bigger eyes. To do this, take a makeup brush and when you have added a little eye shadow, you should apply it on the inside of the upper eyelid, very close to the tear to the beginning of the lower eyelid. Then you should blur the product so that you do not see a very artificial effect.
  4. We can also illuminate dark circles with this white eye shadow. To do this, you can use the same brush and apply it just under the dark circles, making a semi-circle from near the bridge of the nose, to the outside of the eyes. When you have drawn the line, blend it with a makeup sponge with soft touches throughout the drawing.
  5. To achieve a more striking look, you can also apply on the eyelids two eye shadows in brown tones (one lighter and one darker) because, in this way, you get a very flattering contrast of colors.

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Begin by applying the clear shadow from the inner part to the middle of the mobile eye lid. And then apply the shadow of darker brown tone from that point to the outermost area of the eye. When you're finished, blur the two cosmetics until they're well unified.

  1. To finish makeup your eyes, you can apply black eyeliner on the water line of the tabs at the top. Try to make the line little by little so that the drawing is fine and without irregular strokes. Then apply mascara on your eyelashes, both above and below, making zigzag movements so there are no lumps on them.
  2. Once you have applied the eye shadows and the eyeliner, you must make up your eyebrows to highlight the light of your eyes even more. To do this, you must apply a corrector of the tone or color of your eyebrows on the holes you have in them using a makeup brush. If you do not want such a leafy effect, you can blur the concealer a little with your fingers.
  3. o finish this look so spectacular and, at the same time natural, you can add a little rouge on your cheekbones and a red lipstick in your mouth. In this way, you will be the center of all eyes.
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