Storage units to Keep Your Items Secure

If you care about your items enough to invest in offsite storage, you’ll likely want the peace of mind that they are protected.

Most self-storage units in Jacksonville have security measures in place to help, and have a variety of locks for sale for extra protection. Below, we list three of the most common locks you may encounter as options to keep your items secure: hardened steel disc locks, recessed cylinder locks and closed-shackle padlocks.

1. Hardened Steel Disc Locks

Disc locks provide a challenge to any prospective thief. They can take a significant amount of time, effort and equipment to break through—which may discourage the thief from even trying.

This thick lock fits around your storage unit door latch, and can have anti-pick, anti-drill or other high-level security mechanisms in place. Its hardened exterior makes it resistant to cutting or any other method of destruction thought to break the lock.

2. Recessed Cylinder Locks

Similar to the door lock on your house or apartment, recessed cylinder locks are built directly into your unit’s front door. Because they are built this way, and do not stick out of the doorframe, they cannot be cut off. As a further step in protection, some storage facilities replace the entire lock after each tenant’s use. Other self-storage providers simply request return of any lock keys, so be sure to inquire prior to purchasing.

3. Closed-Shackle Padlock

Padlocks that are closed-shackle have thicker and shorter metal links, making them a bolt cutter’s nightmare. Tough in build and strong in ability to hold, these locks can come with a variety of security features, which include double-bolted shackles, resettable code and corrosion resistant metal plating.

Putting Security in Security Self Storage More than a part of our namesake, Security Self Storage commits to making its facilities secure through lock features and additional measures. These include:

Advanced security systems—Security cameras, complete with DVR recording, help our team monitor all facility units.

Door alarms (select locations)—Unit door alarms work to protect customer belongings simultaneously through two different means. If triggered, the alarms sound audibly in the facility. They also go the extra step of calling out to a central management system, which will contact the local police department.

Recessed cylinder locks and steel disc locks­–We use high quality locks to protect your belongings. Designed to withstand break-in attempts, these locks will keep your unit secure.

Unit specific access—Wine customers at the Westlake facility have 24/7-access to their items. To make late night entry possible, while keeping all other units secure, Security Self Storage has the ability to deactivate alarms by specific wine unit. This allows specific cabinet alarm deactivation once customers enter their passcodes at the entrance roll-up. The alarm will reactivate upon close.

Motion sensing lights—Lights offer more than just convenience. Our motion-activated lights help draw attention to areas of the facility that are in use.

Fenced Perimeters—our facilities have fenced perimeters that stop people and vehicles that aren’t tenants from entering the property. An access code is needed to open the gate at all times.

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