How to Increase the Battery Life of Cell Phone

Now a days Cell phones tends to be like a mini computer , no longer just for calling purpose but also for other entertainment purposes. We called it as a smartphone. As technology advances , today’s generation phones makes our life easier, Now we simply make reservation from our home. pay our bills through our smartphones , no longer to be stand in queue. Second - Hand or used cell phones cause problems. Several problems which are common like power related problems and battery life etc.

Following are the tips & tricks used to extend the battery life of Cell Phone

Alert Options

Enable various alerts at a time drains the battery. Mainly sound & vibrate option drains the battery , use this option wisely.

Effect of Temperature

Temperature also drains the life of battery especially cold weather. Avoid using phones when you are outside in cold temperature. In other words temperature is directly proportional to your phones’s battery life.


Don’t overcharge your phone like unplug asap when the battery is 100% charged and don’t leave your phone to charging at night these are the main reasons for the draining of phone’s battery.


Decreasing the brightness of your phone screen light by a couple of degrees can spare a lot of life in that battery.

Wireless Accessories:

Keep Wireless accessories like Bluetooth , Wi-Fi etc on off mode when not in use. They consume high amount of power. So it’s better to turn off when not in use.

Clean Connections:

Clean the connections of battery time to time to protect it from dirt and gets corroded and also repair your cell phone. Remove your battery and clean terminals of battery with wet cotton and get it dry before using.

Hopefully above tips helps you to extend the battery life of your cell phone.

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