Some Fun Ideas on How to Entertain a Six-Month-Old Baby

Fun, playful activities are very important for healthy development of children. Playing with your six-month-old baby will help to improve his/her sensory and motor abilities. It also helps to strengthen the bond between a parent and a child. It can often get boring as you run out of new ways to entertain your baby. These activities must always be safe for a six-month-old. Here are a few excellent ideas for fun activities that parents can use to keep their children entertained.

1) Reading

While babies cannot read books by themselves just yet, they still love looking at colourful pictures. You can buy colourful picture books for your child. Books often come with textures and sounds for babies. You can also start story time before bed, and you can read out simple stories to the infant. This will result in better language development and also allow the child to develop listening skills. Remember to read slowly and with a lot of voice modulations. Keep a look out for discounts, vouchers, promotions or sales at bookstores to pick up children’s books for infants.

2) Peek-a-Boo

A simple game of peek-a-boo can be a lot of fun for infants, and it doesn’t require any toys. You can create variations by moving out of your baby’s visual range and then calling out, so your baby has to turn and find you.

3) Singing & Dancing

The auditory development is significant at this age so you should sing or play music to your baby. Put on some music, pick up your baby and dance with him/her.

4) Clapping

Around six months of age, your child will be able to clap in rhythm. Clap along with your baby, and you can even clap while singing. Children learn to imitate the clapping, and they will enjoy themselves.

5) Mirror

Babies love mirrors, and they play with their reflection. They make different gestures at the baby in the mirror and have a lot of fun. You can hold the baby up in front of a mirror or you can set up a mirror on the ground.

6) Bubbles

Almost all babies enjoy bubbles. They will either sit silently looking at them or try to grab them. Don’t let them go near the liquid soap for bubbles as they may ingest some.

7) Treasure Basket

At six months, babies develop gross motor skills, and they can grip objects. Make a treasure basket and fill it with random things around the house. Be careful not to include anything sharp or something so small that babies may ingest it. Spoons, whisks, pompoms, bath sponge or even natural items from your garden can go in the treasure box. Babies at this age love to hold things, inspect them and play with them. So, this can be an entertaining and cheap way to keep your child entertained.

8) Shake the Bottle

Gather a few empty transparent bottles and fill them with random small colourful objects. These could be anything from glitter, confetti, buttons, and beads to things you can find in your kitchen like rice, pasta, breakfast cereals etc. Put the cap back on the bottle and give them to your baby to play with. They can shake the bottle, watch the objects moving inside and listen to the noise being made.

9) Magic Tricks

You can show your baby simple magic tricks to reinforce the concept of object permanence. These simple activities are not just fun but also improves their attention skills and helps in memory development. Play simple hiding games like rolling balls through a cardboard tube. The ball disappearing through one end and reappearing through the other can be intriguing for a six-month-old. You can also play a game with cups. Take two cups and cover a ball with one cup. Now move the cups around and see if the baby can remember its hiding place.

10) Physical Fun

Babies at this age love to be picked up and play with people. Physical contact is great for children, and you can keep them entertained this way. A common way to have fun is to throw them gently in the air and catch them under their arms. You can also try the superman move where you lay on your back with your knees up and put the baby on your knees, so they are flying in the superman pose. Tickling the baby can also be pleasurable for them.

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