Just Started Your Blog? Here’s How to Make it Popular

Entertainment, fashion, and food, these categories seem to rule the world of blogging today. However, if you are creative, have a way of writing, and know a thing or two about a certain niche, you can win quite a few loyal readers gradually.

For instance, if you want to write a blog about the best Drupal web development company in USA, you have to offer a bit more and in-depth information to your readers what they actually know.

That means, one way to be a successful blogger is being the primary source of information to your readers. My content team leader used to tell me that finding the information from authentic sources and citing them in the end of the sentence makes your blog appear as a more authentic source of information.

Furthermore, for any niche, if the current best source of information has ten points, my team leader advised to find and write 15 to stand a better chance in search engines. Even readers love to click a blog that has more points.

Writing good content and providing a great quality is only one side of the coin. If you want to master the other side as well, you would need to adapt with an immaculate online marketing strategy. Here a few, free marketing tips for you from the diary of our marketing head:

1.The Power of Social Media

My friend who works as a digital marketing manager in a renowned Drupal web development service in USA, once told me that 50% of his total leads come from social media platforms. As a blogger, you should have an account on each major social media platform so the traffic could find you from all the segments of users.

2. SEO

Your content should be SEO optimized. What we mean by that is including the proper keywords, meta keywords and description by which you believe your users would be searching alike blogs on the internet.

The next step is getting help from an SEO expert and learn about doing classifieds, directory submission, guest blogging, and much more to rank up in SERP.

3. Write for Your Customers

The common mistake most first-time bloggers do that they start writing for SEO soon after the kickoff. They forget their readers who are the real power behind the popularity of your blog. Hence, write good content for your readers and let the mouth publicity show its magic.

A good marketing can even shine up a dull content. And, on the other hand, if your content is so good but you forget to invest in marketing, there’s no chance you will stand out, of course until your content goes viral. And the chances to go viral is extremely low.

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