Beware of the Monograph

In search of the so-dreamed third grade straw, many students resort to various forms, at a time that they find most difficult, which is the monograph.

This practice has become very common among university students, but what few know is some practices, such as hiring people or companies to do their work, has its negative effects, which we will highlight in this post.

Look what happened to a student at an MG college.

In the eagerness to do his work, the referred student hired a company to do his Monograph.

The company charged 2,500 reais for this service, but demanded the advance of 625 reais, equivalent to ¼ of the entire value of the service, to start work, so far so good.

It was agreed that every 30 days would be sent to the student prior work, so that he was already giving directions for his research.

The said company does not make available on its website contact phone, so, all contact is done through email.

Next to completing the 30 days, the student attempted to contact the company through emails, which simply were not answered.

Commenting on the fact with her college colleagues, to her surprise, a friend told her that this company is full of complaints in the Reclame Here, the biggest complaints are: out of date delivery and plagiarism.

As he approached the delivery date and without the company had fulfilled the agreed, the student found himself in trouble, and ended up happening what he least expected.

He could not deliver the job, and the worst will have to do another semester to complete his college.

In conclusion, the student was the victim of one more blow applied by said company, and was not able to form with his friends.

But perhaps it could not have been worse, because if he had paid for the total amount of the work and suppose that the company was plagiarized his work, he could answer judicially for making use of a copy job.

In addition to financial loss, it will take longer to get your degree. But he learned his lesson! She started taking Monograph, following the advice of a friend who scored the highest.

He went to the site indicated by his friend, and learned how to do the Monograph step by step, because he got all the information he needed to do his job.

After completing his Monograph following all the details taught on this site, in addition to having managed to do a great job with grade 9.5, and achieve his dreamed Diploma, he nowadays guides his colleagues to do the same as he did.

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