6 Essential Accessories for Smartphones

Smartphones today are great. They come with amazing hardware, operating system and a number of awesome applications. But if you add some accessories to them, they become even better.

Today here we are going to discuss 6 essential accessories for mobile phones that would enhance your user experience.

1. Portable Chargers/Power banks

Portable chargers were the best things ever happened to travel persons who step out of the home with not fully charged mobile.

The portable chargers first started with mere 1500mah of capacity and then kept increasing and are now available up to 21000 mah, which can charge an average smartphone up to 7-8 times.

The portable charger provides the same power as the regular electricity and performs fast charging on any smartphone. Some of the popular companies that produces portables chargers and Ambrane, Syska, Philips and Sony.

2. Arm Bands/Fitness Bands

Smart bands came into the market a few years back and since then they are a total sensation. They are loved by fitness freaks and are very beneficial to them.

A fitness band or a smart band keeps a track on your activity, displaying the total number of kilometres you travelled, a number of calories your burnt and also helps you in waking up early in the morning with inbuilt vibrating alarm.

The band comes with a very tiny display and all of the records can be monitored via connecting it to a smartphone.

3. Camera Lens Attachment

All of the high-end mobile phones come with great Cameras nowadays, but what if you want to increase the camera quality even further? Well, the camera lenses come in use then.

The camera lenses are easily available in the market and they can be attached easily to the rear cameras and can be used to take beautiful zoomed photos with them.

4. Wireless Headphones

All of the smartphones come with in-ear wired headphones which are decent but now what we can call as perfect. First of all, we always advise to use over ear or on-ear headphones as compared to the in-ear ones. The in-ear headphones are quite punchy and lack over-all surround effect. Now even further when it comes to smartphones, Wireless headphones are preferred due to their portable nature. You can simply create a wireless connection between the headphones and your smartphone and conveniently enjoy the music at any place.

5. Custom Skins

Not all the smartphones are elegant to watch. Some are really dull and some are average looking, but ultimately you have to buy them due to the money restrictions or due to some special features they have.

Luckily you can give your smartphone a new and beautiful look via the skins available in the market. From different color to designs there are so many skins available, which would cost you as low as $3.

6. Car chargers

Car chargers have become must as you cannot carry your charger all the time. Car chargers stay connected to the car all the time and makes it very convenient to charge mobile. The best things about car chargers is that like normal mobile chargers they also come with options of 0.5 Amp, 1 Amp or 2amp chargers which charge your mobile both efficiently and quickly.

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