Bike Shops Came Together to Deliver Premium Deals for Cyclists

Cyclists deserve an upgrade. So why not offer them quality premium deals with a discount?

Bike Computer announced partnerships with a number of independent bike shops to deliver Premium Deals to its community, that has surpassed 100.000 monthly active cyclists.It is a simple strategy meant to benefit the cyclist, and help support the independent bike shops and the startup.

The campaign called "Premium Deals" delivers product discounts to the premium users of Bike Computer, effectively making the subscription pay for itself. Besides the premium discount that can reach up to 40%, premium users get access to personalized metrics, Keep me Safe, and a Dark Theme for their Bike Computer.

"We want to help cyclists discover the best gear for them. We want to connect them with bike shops who are working hard to deliver modern and cool products. They have the expertise to create gear that cyclists can enjoy, and we have the community that appreciates the effort. It is an easy match", says Maria Smith, partnership manager at Bike Computer.

The portfolio of products is built to match the cyclists' desire. Bike Computer is expanding Premium Deals weekly with new discounts and tailored offers. All with the ultimate goal ahead to deliver the most personalized product to you. Premium Deals are available from the Bike Computer app.

"There are ongoing talks with the cycling community about what they need from the bike shops. We share that feedback with the bike shops, and soon, we can suggest personalized products, which I think is great for every cyclist, no matter if they ride more often or not", says Maria.

Just 10 months after launching Bike Computer has reached over 350.000 downloads for Android and iOS, with over 100.000 monthly active users who have covered over 6,4 million miles to date.

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