How to Avoid Theft of your Photography

Well these days it is very difficult to avoid the copyright infringement of pictures. However the owner and the webmaster find some out to protect their personal pictures. It is very difficult that your pictures gets stolen. Follow up the following measures to avoid this theft:-

  1. Don't upload anything that your target audience don’t like.
  2. Upload your personal photos through secure photo hosting sites which requires login and password access.
  3. However, many users uses this option by right click >> Save Image as got the option to save the image on their computers directly. Only way to prevent this to disable the right click so that it can be prevented. By using Javascript code to your webpage this can be possible.
  4. One of the most important method to avoid image theft is by watermarking images. Various softwares are available over internet free or paid both. Maple Labs professional watermark software helps to add watermark to any image with copyright symbol, text, or logos etc. Now make sure that don’t put the watermark on image so that it can be easily crop out by thefts. Make that to in the middle if possible and make sure picture main part is visible to users. So from this way it can be difficult to use the pictures by thefts.
  5. If you don’t want to use logo , text or any other type of visible watermark then the other option is to use hidden transparent invisible watermarks. The advantage of this method if anybody copy your image or edit watermark automatically appears in the edit window.
  6. If you don’t want to use any of the method just simple make your uploaded pictures as small as possible and highly compressed that particular images in turn it degrade the quality of image so that it can be copied or download by others. It can be achieved by various softwares like Photoshop.


Think twice before uploading your images on web. Avoid uploading personal pictures which could be copied or manipulated by others. If images are important then you can use watermarking method simple.

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