Leading SEO Trends In Dubai

Marketing agencies can improve a brand’s online performance with SEO. In Dubai, there are many online marketing agencies that will help you with this. Because the online marketplace changes so fast, it pays to choose an agency that keeps up with trends.

SEO in Dubai: 3 Leading Trends

Search engine optimisation or SEO in Dubai, and everywhere else, is a marketing tool that is ever-evolving. Here are 3 leading trends:
  1. Social media – social media platforms are built for engagement and activity on a daily basis. This fundamental feature is turning social media into a source for quality referral traffic. Think about it. If brands are active on social media, their products and services can be found by a wide audience of social media users who are constantly sharing what they like. Customers are also turning to social media when they are in need of customer support. Bu optimising your content for search and social media will increase your audience reach.
  2. Mobile-first – mobile is becoming the preferred choice in devices. Businesses are catering towards this trend by creating mobile-friendly sites and mobile applications to download. Social media is mobile-based. Thus, if a large percentage of a target audience uses social media, mobile should be put first. Google has recently announced its Mobile First Index too; meaning that mobile versions of a site will be prioritised in search crawls over desktop versions.
  3. Links are here to stay – it is no secret to SEO providers that links are important. For link building to be effective, you need quality content. Content that is so good that site visitors keep sharing it will acquire links. The more people link to a company’s website and social media pages, the higher the company’s search ranking will be.

Stay ahead with the right SEO

When it comes to online success in Dubai, SEO is a key marketing strategy. SEO is a process that requires collaboration between both the agency and the brand. Research shows that Search is where the majority of customer journeys begin. Take advantage of this trend by optimising content for search engine results. Like this? Share with your friends.
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